From the Back Cover:

"Where do I come from? Why does anything exist? For too long, young minds have been fobbed off with traditional answers, which are not only false but actually rather boring compared with the truth. Michael Rubino tells the true story - which means the scientific story - illustrated with his captivating paintings. Children will be fascinated by this book, and they'll use it to educate their parents."

--Richard Dawkins


Editorial Reviews

"The illustrations in Michael Rubino’s Bang! How We Came to Be are lively, breathtaking, flowing, thought provoking, colorful, and sharp... This wonderful book would be a life-affirming gift for any child."
Cameron M. Smith, PhD, Author of The Top Ten Myths about Evolution and The Fact of Evolution

"Brilliant oil-on-canvas renderings greet readers at every turn of the page. From spinning galaxies to intricate details in a variety of monkeys, Michael Rubino’s artwork complements the narrative."--Judy Kraus - Science Teacher - National Science Teachers Association

"...explaining just that time element to children might be challenging in the hands of a lesser writer or artist. Mr Rubino, however, is clearly up to the challenge. He takes the reader on a fascinating journey."--Renee Hand - New York Journal of Books

"...may be the most straight-forward, comprehensible explanation for children of how life evolved from single celled protozoa to humans currently in print." --Dr. William Harwood - Midwest Book Review


Bang!: How We Came to Be
By Michael Rubino

"Bang, How We Came To Be". Original book illustrations, 24 x 20, oil on canvas, shown mounted togther to form artwork measuring 168 x 80 inches.