I was born and raised in San Francisco. Immediately upon receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from UC Berkeley, I migrated south, to sunnier Los Angeles.

My original works, done in oil, on canvas or wood, are drawn from my views on religion, overpopulation, politics, and the environment, and tend to be autobiographical: "A Gathering of Adulterous Ex-Wives" and "Spring Fever" were painted during and following a troubling divorce.  I painted "Photo-Op" while a sperm donor for the California Cryobank.  "Portrait of Lucy" is all about my dog - one of the true great loves of my life.  "California Totem" -  a nod to home turf.  Working on current piece, "Revelation" (AKA "People Who Piss Me Off") is cathartic.

I was motivated to write and illustrate my book "Bang! How We Came To Be", which had been stewing in my head for decades, only after my kids began making an appearance.  Maybe someday they will read it to their own kids.  

Here is a link to a Washington Post article, written by Michael Leahy, about my first meeting with donor offspring:


Here is a link to a You Tube video, featuring my "Revelation" painting. I think most anyone will find it amusing: